About Deldin Law

Michigan business lawyer Marc Deldin established Deldin Law, PLLC as a law firm dedicated to protecting the economic interests of entrepreneurs and business owners. Built on the foundation of Marc’s practice experience over more than 15 years, we provide full-service support to business clients in the areas of state and federal court litigation, business law counsel and advice, and real estate matters.

Our Practice Approach

In all matters we handle for clients, we focus relentlessly on protecting and furthering the client’s financial interests. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate, we are able to accurately assess every situation from a business and monetary standpoint.

We build strong, long-term relationships with clients by providing sound counsel and aggressive representation in litigation and transactions. We are forceful, persuasive advocates for clients in negotiations and in court. Clients value our candor and trust in us to help them make fully-informed decisions for all matters relating to their businesses.

Our Services

Business owners turn to Deldin Law for a full range of services relating to their ventures. Unlike some business attorneys who handle only transactional matters, we have a robust litigation practice as part of our legal services to clients.

We are confident, aggressive litigators who initiate and defend against litigation in state and federal courts throughout Michigan. The subject matter of our court cases varies greatly. We handle any dispute that arises with regard to a client’s business, including operational issues, governance disputes, regulatory matters, and problems arising from business transactions.

We do not hesitate to pursue a party who threatens or causes harm to a client, including when the government is the responsible party. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who protect our clients’ business and financial interests. We rely on our in-depth legal knowledge as well as our trial-tested litigation skills to achieve results for our clients.

In our business law practice, we provide clients legal support for all matters relating to business operations, both internal and external. We also assist with issues relating to business structure and governance, for both established and new businesses. Transactional services are a critical part of our business law practice, as is providing legal support for the acquisition or sale of a business.

For clients with a real estate component as part of their business operations, we provide full legal support for property-related matters. Our extensive experience includes assisting with purchase and sale of real estate and handling matters relating to commercial leases, from lease negotiation through eviction.

Our Clients

Our longtime clients include owners of multiple businesses in motor vehicle related markets. We also support business owners in diverse other industries, including franchise holders who are establishing their markets and building out their business locations.

Some of our clients operate solely in a brick-and-mortar environment. Others maintain an ecommerce presence with online operations. Regardless of the nature, size, or character of a client’s business, our goal in providing legal services remains steadfastly on protecting and furthering the client’s pecuniary interests.

Individuals and business owners typically come to us through referrals from current and previous clients. We also have clients who were opposing parties in past matters and receive referrals from former legal adversaries, which demonstrates the quality of our legal skills and the success of our approach to practice.

Additional Information

Located in Grosse Pointe Farms, Deldin Law serves clients in Wayne County and throughout Southeastern Michigan. To contact the firm, call (313) 771-5600.