Business Law

As trusted legal counsel to entrepreneurs and businesses, Deldin Law, PLLC provides full-service legal support in matters relating to business and commercial legal concerns. We protect and further our clients’ economic interests and preserve and enforce their legal rights through both trustworthy legal counsel and aggressive representation in litigation. Our business law services cover day-to-day operations, transactions, business structure and ownership, and other matters that affect a commercial venture.

Our Experience and Credentials

Michigan business lawyer Marc Deldin established his own firm to provide legal support for new and established businesses. With more than 15 years of business law experience, Marc has an extensive and successful record as a savvy business and legal advisor and as a tough, confident litigator.

Marc’s central focus is on protecting and furthering the financial interests of his clients. By maintaining unwavering attention to the bottom line of every client, he develops long-term, close working relationships with business clients. Clients count on his keen business acumen and superior legal skills, as well as his high-level ability to assess and analyze situations critically and accurately.

The firm’s business law practice includes the full range of issues that a company encounters in the business lifecycle. Regardless of what issue or concern a client encounters, they can turn to Deldin Law and know that they will get the help they need in a timely, highly competent manner.

Contracts and Business Transactions

Contracts are at the core of operations for every business. The provisions in a contract establish a business owner’s legal obligations and legal rights, so it is critical to ensure that every contract carefully articulates obligations and protects the business owner to the greatest extent possible.

From contracts regularly used in day-to-day operations to employment contracts, financial agreements, and significant commercial transactions, Deldin Law serves all the contract needs of our business clients. We negotiate, draft, and review all types of business agreements, from simple forms to complex deals.

In all of our contract work, our attention remains on serving the client’s economic and financial interests, as well as ensuring the maximum possible legal protection. We assist with contracts relating to real estate (leasing, purchases, and sales), employment (hiring, severance, and non-compete), vendor and supplier transactions, purchase and sale of assets, financial and loan agreements, and other types of contracts that arise in the course of business.

Our clients include many different types of businesses and operations in diverse markets. We work with independent businesses, family enterprises, and franchise owners. Regardless of whether a business operates primarily a brick-and-mortar enterprise, exclusively through an online presence, or a combination of both, we have the experience to serve the full range of contract needs of every business client.

When a contract dispute arises, whether as a simple disagreement or a significant transactional controversy, we have the skill to help the client navigate through the dispute. Because our practice includes a robust litigation component, we have the ability to go to court to enforce contract rights when it becomes necessary. We do not hesitate to resort to a court action to protect a client’s contract interests, but we always work hard to resolve conflicts without litigation and achieve the most financially effective, cost-efficient resolution for the client.

Business Structure and Ownership

Our business practice includes assisting clients with business structural and ownership issues, such as business formation and implementing changes to the legal structure of a business. If a partner, shareholder, or co-owner conflict arises, we help the client navigate through the disagreement to find a solution that best serves the client’s economic and business interests.

Our extensive business and litigation experience and financial orientation enable us to address even complex issues relating to business structure and ownership. When a client pursues the purchase or sale of a business, or explores a merger or acquisition, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill, to help the client navigate through the entire process.

Additional Information

Located in Grosse Pointe Farms, Deldin Law serves business clients in Wayne County and throughout Southeast Michigan. To contact the firm, call (313) 771-5600.