Real Estate

The business practice at Deldin Law, PLLC includes full legal support for property-related matters, including purchases, sales, and leasing. We apply our extensive experience to further our clients’ economic interests and preserve their legal rights through high-level business and legal counsel in real estate transactions and litigation.

Our Experience and Approach

Michigan business lawyer Marc Deldin has more than 15 years of experience working with business owners. He has built a reputation as a savvy business and legal advisor and a tough, confident litigator.

Marc established Deldin Law to serve the legal needs of new and established businesses. The firm’s successful practice rests on the key principle of protecting and furthering the client’s financial interests in both transactional work and litigation.

Real estate is an integral component in the operations of many businesses and for many of the clients at Deldin Law. We assist with the full range of commercial real estate transactions, including purchasing, selling, financing, and leasing.

Clients rely on Marc’s keen business and financial acumen to assist them in assessing value and suitability in real estate transactions, in addition to handling all the legal aspects of a deal. Marc is also a tough negotiator, both in putting transactions together and in resolving any disputes or differences that may arise. His client’s economic interests and bottom line are always the top-level concerns.

Deldin Law establishes strong, long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. Clients trust in us to help them make fully-informed decisions for all matters relating to their businesses and highly value our candor in providing counsel. The success of our practice skill and approach are demonstrated by the fact that many of our clients come to us through referrals of current or previous clients or other attorneys.

Our Real Estate Services

The firm’s commercial real estate transactional work focuses on providing legal services for retail and office commercial property for business clients. Our substantial experience expands the full range of real estate business needs including:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Financial agreements
  • Leases

In addition to negotiating, drafting, and reviewing the complex documents involved in a real estate transaction, we apply our in-depth understanding of the client’s business and market to help the client analyze the economic value and suitability of property for the intended use. Clients appreciate our combination of high-level business, financial, and legal knowledge and wide-ranging experience in the area of commercial real estate with regard to acquisitions, sales, and leases.

Our real estate practice includes representing business owners both as landlords and as tenants in leasing transactions and in lease disputes. We have substantial experience in handling matters relating to commercial leases, from lease negotiation through eviction.

In real estate matters, our litigation skill and knowledge are an advantage in navigating disagreements and negotiating resolutions. We have the ability to pursue a real estate conflict to court if it becomes necessary. However, our focus is always on resolving issues in the most effective, cost-efficient manner, consistent with the client’s financial and economic interests, and avoiding litigation whenever possible.

Additional Information

Located in Grosse Pointe Farms, Deldin Law assists clients with commercial real estate matters in Wayne County and throughout Southeast Michigan. To contact us, call (313) 771-5600.