As part of providing legal services for entrepreneurs and business owners, the lawyers at Deldin Law, PLLC initiate and defend against litigation in Michigan state and federal courts. We represent clients in all types of business and commercial litigation, including disputes arising out of business operations and relationships, as well as matters relating to regulatory issues and government actions.

Our Experience and Approach

Deldin Law represents clients in Michigan court proceedings in state courts and in federal courts. We litigate cases throughout the State of Michigan.

Michigan business lawyer Marc Deldin established the firm to provide full legal support for businesses, which includes addressing the litigation needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. With more than 15 years of business law experience, Marc has an extensive and successful record as a tough, confident litigator. He achieves results for his clients through his keen business acumen and superior legal skills, his ability to accurately assess and analyze situations, and his central focus on protecting and furthering the financial interests of clients.

The firm’s longtime clients trust in Deldin Law for sound, insightful counsel and aggressive representation relating to potential and actual litigation. Our unwavering attention to the bottom line of the business throughout our practice is a primary reason for our strong, long-term client relationships. The fact that previous adverse parties and opposing counsel in litigation turn to us for advice and representation attests to the high level of our legal skills and the success of our approach to litigation.

Our Business Litigation Services

At Deldin Law, we provide litigation services to clients at all stages of a dispute, from providing pre-litigation counsel and endeavoring to resolve issues without the need for litigation, to initiating or defending against a court action, and following through with post-trial proceedings as necessary. While we always try to resolve problems without resorting to litigation, we do not hesitate to use the civil justice process to pursue a party who causes or threatens harm to a client or their business.

The firm provides litigation services to business clients in all types of matters and disputes. We handle litigation for clients on a wide range of issues and disputes, such as:

  • Contract issues relating to performance and enforcement
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Disputes arising out of business operations
  • Disagreements relating to business relationships
  • Government regulatory issues, including zoning and land use
  • Adverse governmental executive actions
  • Tortious business and contract interference and other business torts
  • Post-trial collections and receivership proceedings
  • Real estate litigation

No matter what type of issue or dispute a client faces, Deldin Law stands ready to defend against or initiate a court action when necessary to protect a client and their financial interests. Our substantial trial experience, finely-honed legal skills, and in-depth understanding of the civil court process enable us to handle the full range of disputes that arise from business activities.

Additional Information

Located in Grosse Pointe Farms, Deldin Law serves clients in Wayne County and throughout Southeastern Michigan. The firm initiates and defends against litigation in state and federal courts throughout the State of Michigan. To contact the firm, call (313) 771-5600.